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LEARN TRE – 4 week course

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For beginners or those wanting to refresh their practice

In this 4-week course you will learn how to use Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises to trigger  healing tremoring mechanism in the body, which calms the nervous system and releases deep tension from the body and mind. 

Numbers will be limited to 4 people – so the group is small, informal and friendly, and you will receive plenty of 1:1 support and guidance. There will be email support available between the weekly classes, and material to take away to support your home practice. 


In the first two weeks of the course we will focus on learning TRE (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises) and surrendering to the movements. In the second part of the course we will focus on deepening the process using different warm up exercises and shaking positions.

Week 1: Learning TRE 

  • How TRE balances the nervous system and promotes deep relaxation
  • Learning how to stop, start and pause the tremors
  • How to spot signs of fight, flight and freeze

Week 2: Letting Go

  • How to ‘follow the body’ and surrender to its intelligence
  • How to encourage the tremors to move through your body

Week 3: Shaking in Different Positions

  • How to trigger the tremors using an easy shaking ‘warm up’
  • Shaking in different positions to encourage new patterns of movement

Week 4: Deepening Your Practice

  • Learning to ‘tune in’ to the tremors in more advanced shaking postures
  • How to shake at home (hints and tips for getting the most out of your home practice)


September course: Tuesday 14th, 21st, 28th Sept & Oct 5th
Time: 12.15-1.45 (90 minutes)
Venue:  The WOW Clinic, Westbourne, West Sussex
Limited availability:  Numbers limited to 4 people 
What you will receive: 1 x 90-minute class per week for 4 weeks + email support between classes (phone/Skype if necessary) + material to take home to support your practice.


Please contact The WOW Clinic to book your place on the course (payment required on booking): or 01243 372 272 

Please read the cancellation policy at the bottom of this page.

All attendees will be emailed a short health questionnaire, which must be completed and returned before the first class.


The LEARN TRE Course is not suitable if you have any major medical or mental health conditions, or a history of complex/severe trauma or PTSD. If you have any concerns about this, please consult your medical practitioner and contact me for a chat before booking. (If necessary I can refer you to a Certified TRE® Provider with specific training from this list of UK TRE Providers.)

TRE® is not suitable if any of the following currently apply to you:

  • Pregnancy
  • Epilepsy
  • Recent injuries or physical limitations (i.e. broken bones)
  • Acute concussion / whiplash
  • Hypo / Hyperglycemia
  • Irregular blood pressure / heart conditions
  • Surgeries healed less than six months 


“The Course was so helpful and just brilliant. I am definitely experiencing less anxiety when I wake in the mornings; a time when, usually and for many years now, my head has always been racing.”

Kirsty, Emsworth

“I first came across TRE quite a few years ago and bought the book. I loved the concept and tried the exercises on my own, but without support and encouragement, I failed to make TRE a habit and it faded from my life. However, Katherine provides plenty of both, while also holding the space beautifully during the course. I am now regularly practising TRE and feel very grateful. Although not a quick fix, this healing modality can, with regular practise, be really transformative over time. Katherine is living proof of this (I’ll let her tell you her story – you’ll be amazed!) and I highly recommend her and her course!”

Oliver, Petersfield


If I cancel…

The course requires a minimum of 2 participants in order to run.

If I have to cancel the course for any reason (including Covid/lockdowns), you will be issued a full refund.

If you cancel…

If you cancel within one week of the first class, you will only be issued a full refund if I am able to fill your place on the course.

There will be no refunds issued after the first class of the course.