TRE for Creativity

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When you live with chronic stress, it’s like living with an alarm going off inside you all the time. Your system is on red alert for danger; your body and mind are primed for fight or flight.

Unsurprisingly, this is not the ideal time for creativity and self-expression! All your energy and resources are directed towards survival. Your cortex (rational mind) is shut down, and ‘luxuries’ like digestion, healing, play and creativity are pushed down your body’s list of priorities.

In contrast, when your nervous system is calm, you feel grounded and connected to yourself. Your body can heal and grow. And things that have been in hiding, perhaps for years (e.g. play, connection, love and creativity), can resurface again!

How TRE boosts creativity

A regular TRE practice turns off your internal alarm. It…

  • creates a feeling of safety in the mind-body (the ideal state for play)
  • helps you to think clearly
  • reduces negative thinking and anxiety (less self-criticism/self-doubt)
  • enables you to be in the present moment 
  • boosts the default network in the brain (greater idea generation)
  • diminishes performance anxiety and nerves

In addition, the tremors or shaking that are experienced during TRE bring awareness and feeling to ‘numb’ or ‘blocked’ areas of the body, literally making you ‘whole’ and ‘alive’ again. This…

  • strengthens the mind-body connection so you can tap into the wisdom of your body and your intuition
  • enhances self-awareness – helping you reconnect with who you are and what you want to do on the planet!

As a writer and illustrator myself, I am especially interested in working with creative people. If you’re a writer, artist, musician, dancer, singer or entrepreneur, please get in touch to discuss how TRE could help you. I would love to hear from you.