What I’m working on right now…

  1. I’m editing my children’s novel and feeling inspired by Michael Neill’s Falling in Love with Writing online course.
  2. I’m doing a 6 week screen printing course at Handprinted in Bognor, which I am LOVING! My first A4 prints sold within a week in PO10, so I’m working on more designs.
  3. I’d love to create more Hairy Dog t-shirts in time for Christmas, so I’m busy researching eco-friendly printers.
  4. I’m looking for a local table tennis club! When I was a kid we had a table tennis table in our garage and my sisters and I used to spend hours in there. In the spirit of doing more of what I love, I’m going back to playing the noble game of table tennis (I also mention “ping pong” in my novel, so it has to happen.)

Updated 27th September 2019.