I was busy writing a children’s novel when I got sidetracked by a commission to write a book about sugar!

Oh Sugar! is available on Amazon

This book will help you to:

· discover how much sugar you’re really eating
· read food labels correctly so you can make the right eating choices
· break old sugar habits and retrain your brain using simple techniques
· explore eight ways to satisfy your sweet tooth naturally
· lose weight, improve your health and feel more energetic


“A pocket size reassuring read about the new Super Killer…
This is a pocket size reassuring read about the new Super Killer …Sugar. A no nonsense quality read that sets it straight without hyperbole or scientific gobbly gook. I have read it and referred to it and as it is pocket sized I have carried it around with me. If you are looking to get to the bottom of the sugar hype and set it all straight then this is the book you need to read. It is matter of fact, understanding of the busy person and isn’t asking you to give it all up.”

“The science is comprehensive and up-to-date but written in a way that’s very easy to follow…
This is a lovely little book, written in a friendly, accessible tone. It’s an eye-opener for those unaware of how much sugar they were eating and what impact it has on the body, the science is comprehensive and up-to-date but written in a way that’s very easy to follow. The author has included many tips on reducing sugar in your diet in ways that aren’t about depriving yourself, or expecting yourself to have super-human willpower. She makes it seem possible, and it is possible!”

“Why did I not read this years ago!!!!
Very informative book on the hidden sugars we consume. Has already had a positive outcome on me with changing my attitudes on food and how they are prepared. Looking forward to trying out some of the amazing looking recipes.”

“I love this book!
Four words: I love this book! I work as a nutritionist and have recommended it to many of my clients. It’s easy to understand with lots of practical advice and straight talking! What I especially like is the way it covers the science bit in a very accessible way without ever dumbing it down. Recipes, science, good humour and useful tips and tricks. What’s not to love?”

“This is a great book!
This book is a real eye opener and it has transformed how I think about sugar. I really like the way it’s written – the complex bits are handled brilliantly, with doses of humour so I didn’t start beating myself up every time I discovered the truth about the amount of sugar I was eating. It is easy to follow and it has helped me reduce my intake of the white stuff, without the usual doom and gloom feeling. The practical steps and recipes meant that I could get the ball rolling quickly and I have really noticed the difference already. I have already bought two extra copies for my family!”

“Great read, thought I knew what sugar I was…
Great read, thought I knew what sugar I was consuming until I read this book. Very helpful and positive read.”

“I really loved the book and it has inspired me to try…
I really loved the book and it has inspired me to try and cut back on sugar. I especially like the small steps approach as I think that is the only way to do it, if you are hooked on sugar like me!”