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During the lockdown, I’m teaching TRE via Skype. This works brilliantly, providing you can angle your computer screen camera so that I can see your yoga mat!

You can book a ‘Learn TRE’ session if you are a complete beginner, or a ‘Refresher’ session if you have already learnt TRE and would like to deepen your home practice.

TRE for Beginners

TRE is a great way to increase your resilience to stress and trauma. I can teach you everything you need to get started with this amazing technique in one 90-minute session, with shorter follow up sessions to cement your learning.


To book a 90-minute ‘Learn TRE’ Skype session, please email


‘Learn TRE’ session (90 mins): £60
Follow Up sessions (60 mins): £40


Most people need 2-3 sessions in order to learn how to practise TRE safely and effectively at home. A 3-session discounted package is available for £120 (1 x 90 min Intro + 2 x 60 min Follow Ups).

If you are struggling financially due to Covid-19, please get in touch – some discounted slots are available :-) 

Health questionnaire:

Please note: You will need to complete a health questionnaire before the session. Appointments are only open to people with:

– no major medical conditions
– no history of mental health issues
– no difficulties with self-regulation or emotional overwhelm
– no recent injuries or difficulties with general exercise
– no conditions with acute ‘flare-ups’
– not pregnant

TRE Updates and Inspiration

For free ‘hints and tips’ videos, check out my TRE Facebook page. For further updates and information, please sign up to my TRE newsletter.

TRE for Regular Shakers

If you have learnt TRE with me previously and would like to book a ‘Refresher’ session to develop your practice, we can focus on one or more of the following:

– Recapping the warm up exercises (it’s amazing what a difference a few tweaks make!)
– Learning new techniques to deepen your tremors
– Tailoring your home practice
– Answering all your questions


30 min session: £20
60 min session: £40
90 min session: £60