In the same way that your body knows how to heal a cut on your finger, your body knows how to release tension and trauma…

Calm is a super power

Have you ever started to shake before giving a speech, or trembled uncontrollably after a car accident or sports injury? We’ve been taught to suppress this shaking for fear of looking weak or ‘silly’. But rather than being something to fear, this shaking is the body’s natural mechanism for releasing tension and trauma from the system!

Animal do this naturally. Think of a dog trembling during a thunderstorm or a visit to the vet. Animals in the wild shake naturally too. A gazelle that has narrowly escaped becoming a lion’s dinner will run to safety. It will then tremor to discharge the excessive tension and stress chemicals in its system, before returning to its grazing, unaffected. (The official name for this shaking is ‘neurogenic tremors’. Neurogenic means ‘arising from the nervous system’.)

Amazingly, we have the same mechanism inside us. And we can tap back into this healing reflex using a process called TRE.

What is TRE® (Tension and Trauma Release Exercises)? 

TRE is a series of seven simple exercises which trigger a shaking reflex in the body. This shaking or tremoring releases muscle tension, calms the nervous system, and returns the body to a relaxed and balanced state, where health and healing can occur.

The beauty of TRE is that…

  • it’s easy and fun to learn
  • it’s effortless – the tremors do all the work!
  • it doesn’t involve talking about your stress or trauma history
  • it’s empowering – once you’ve learnt TRE, you can practise at home
  • It can be used to relieve daily stress as well as physical and emotional trauma

Here’s a 5-minute animation which explains how TRE works:

How to learn TRE

Most people will need around 3-4 sessions with a certified practitioner in order to learn the exercises, feel comfortable with the tremors, and learn how to self-regulate (stopping, starting, and pausing the tremors) – so they can practise safely and effectively at home.

You can opt to learn TRE in a 1:1 appointment or you can come along to some classes. To book an appointment or class, please contact the WOW Clinic in Westbourne.

*Important: if you are receiving treatment or medication for a physical or psychological issue and/or you have complex trauma or PTSD, please consult your medical practitioner or healthcare provider and contact me for a chat before booking.

Person doing TRE
Further info

For further TRE info, go to David Berceli’s website (he’s the creator of TRE):

My qualifications

Certified TRE Provider (TRE College)
Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy
Diploma in Personal Training
MSc Public Administration (Human Resource Management)
BSc (Hons) Experimental Psychology

Advanced TRE training

TRE for Children (Dr Melanie Salmon)
Diaphragm workshop (Cheda Mikic)

Coming up:
Interventions workshop (July 2018)
Deepen Your Practice workshop (June 2018)
Psoas and Pelvis workshop (October 2018)

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