Calm is a superpower

Did you know that stress, tension and even past traumatic events are held in the nervous system? And that this can cause us to walk around feeling permanently ‘unsafe’ in the world?

It can be hard to tap into your true creativity and express your true self if you don’t feel safe. But the good news is that just as your body heals a cut on your finger without you having to ‘work’ at it, your body knows how to rebalance your nervous system after stress, shock or trauma all by itself.


TRE® is a set of simple exercises that trigger a natural shaking or vibrating in the body. This shaking reflex is the body’s inbuilt mechanism for releasing muscle tension, reducing stress hormones, and returning the nervous system to a balanced state.

What I love about TRE is that it is…

  • easy, effortless and enjoyable
  • only needs to be done 2-3 times a week 
  • leaves you feeling relaxed and peaceful
  • doesn’t involve talking about your stress or trauma history*

*TRE works well alongside ‘talking therapies’ such as counselling or psychotherapy.


Shaking is the oldest medicine on earth. Ancient cultures have used it for thousands of years for healing. To this day, the Kalahari Bushmen (who call themselves ‘The Keepers of the Shake’) hold regular community shaking sessions!


TRE is about more than health and healing. It’s about feeling more comfortable in your own skin and becoming the person you are meant to be.

When we’re chronically stressed, our body and mind are primed for ‘fight or flight’. Unsurprisingly, this is not the ideal state for creativity and self-expression! All our energy and resources are directed towards survival. The cortex (rational mind) is shut down, and ‘luxuries’ like digestion, immune function, creativity and play are repressed. It’s impossible to be fully YOU in this state!

A regular TRE practice…

  • creates a feeling of safety (the ideal state for play and creativity)
  • helps you to think clearly
  • reduces negative thinking and anxiety
  • strengthens the mind-body connection; your intuition
  • helps you reconnect with who you are and what you want to do on the planet!
    You can read my personal story here.


Classes start with a series of 7 easy exercises/stretches, which gently stretch and tire the muscles of your lower body and start a tremoring in the legs. We then lie on the floor, and encourage these vibrations to move through the body, before finishing with a period of relaxation to end the session.

Most people say they feel more “grounded”, “relaxed”, and “calm” after the class. After a period of several weeks or months, you may experience:

Mind: A calmer, clearer mind.
Body: Better sleep, digestion and energy.
Emotions: Reduced feelings of worry, anxiety, self-doubt, and fear.
Relationships: Feeing more sociable and less reactive.
Creativity: Feeling more expressive, confident, ‘alive’ and ‘whole’.

Here is a 5 minute animation which explains how TRE works:


You can learn TRE by booking on a TRE for Creative Flow course at the WOW Clinic in Westbourne, West Sussex. (1:1 appointments are on hold at the moment.)

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I specialise in using TRE for calming the nervous system and enhancing creativity and self-expression. If you are looking for help with complex or severe trauma, please see this list of certified TRE Providers in the UK or contact me and I will do my best to help and refer you to the most appropriate person.


Shaking Medicine Teacher
Certified TRE Provider
MSc Public Administration/Human Resources
BSc (Hons) Experimental Psychology
Cognitive Hypnotherapy Diploma
Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner
Personal Training Diploma
Quantum Touch Level 1 & level 2
PureBioenergy® Level 1
Reiki First Degree

Advanced TRE training

Working with the Face – TRE Masterclass (Richmond Heath)
Sound and Eye Movement – TRE Masterclass (Richmond Heath)
Diaphragm workshop (Cheda Mikic)
Deepen Your Practice workshop (Deborah Brown)
Interventions workshop (Cheda Mikic)
Psoas and Pelvis workshop (Cheda Mikic)
TRE for Children (Dr Melanie Salmon)

Nervous system training

The Resilience Toolkit (Lumos Transforms)
Neurogenic Freedom (Fernando Aguiar)

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