TRE for Business

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TRE is a powerful stress management tool to offer to employees and managers. By turning off the flight and fight response and bringing the body and mind back into balance, it offers the following benefits:

* Fast and effective stress release
* Enhanced performance and creativity
* Deeper connection to self and others (social engagement system)
* Increased resilience and capacity (faster recovery from stress)

Workshops and courses

I offer 1.5 hour ‘Intro to TRE’ workshops within the workplace or at an external studio. The class length can be adapted according to your needs, and the class can run during or outside working hours.

A 4-week TRE course is also available (see Classes & Courses for further details). And 1:1 appointments can be arranged for individuals if preferred.

To discuss your requirements please email me hello(a) or use the online contact form


I have run TRE classes for a leading business psychology consultancy in Bristol and a team of counsellors at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Havant.

“Thank you for coming to us and running the TRE sessions. I have had conversations with a number of people in the team and they have all been incredibly positive. I thought you did a masterful job. Your calm, kind manner makes you a fine advertisement for TRE, and the combination of your professionalism and personal openness created a safe environment for us to experiment with this new technique. I felt deeply ‘moved’ by the experience on the day and returned to the office in a state of thoughtful calm. I have practiced TRE several times since the class and have found it restores me to something much nearer to equilibrium than I would normally have managed in the space of a few minutes.”
Jon Cowell, Chief Executive, Edgecumbe Consulting

“The taster session was well planned and practical, which I liked. The small group meant that Katherine was able to oversee how we were doing, which felt safe. It gave me personal experience of TRE which was fascinating and invaluable.  I thought I knew my body, but it has never done anything like that before!! As a therapist, I will certainly be suggesting it as an option for some clients.”
Joe Isaac, Counsellor (MBACP Accred), Aquilis Counselling Services, QA Hospital