What to expect

What to expect during a 1:1 or class

Each session will start with an introduction to TRE and a short grounding exercise. I’ll then guide you through a series of exercises which will gently stretch and tire the muscles which contract in response to stress. The final exercise involves lying down with the soles of your feet together in order to start the tremoring mechanism. This is where the magic happens! We’ll spend some time noticing the different reactions in your body, and we’ll practise stopping and starting the tremors, so that you know you are in complete control. Finally, we’ll finish with a period of relaxation in order for your body to integrate the effects of the session.

By the end of the session you will know…

  • how to start the therapeutic tremors
  • how to ‘self-regulate’ (i.e. pause, stop or slow the tremors)
  • grounding techniques to help you remain calm and present
  • how to get the most from your session (hints and tips)
  • how to ‘integrate’ at the end of each session for greater benefit

Person doing TRE

What will I feel?

People experience a mixture of things, from small shakes, vibrations and tremors to larger movements and stretches. You might also feel heat or tingling. Most people find the shaking to be relaxing and pleasurable (some even feel an urge to laugh or giggle!).

After a TRE session, most people feel more grounded, calm and relaxed. Some people feel more alert and energetic. It differs for each person and each session.

What benefits can I expect?

TRE is much more than a simple stress-relief technique. It switches off the fight/flight/freeze response but it also wakes up parts of the body which are constricted or numb, leading us to literally feel more ‘whole’. It switches on our “social engagement system” too (ventral vagus nerve), which leads to less social anxiety and better relationships. Added bonus: this relaxed state is the ideal state for learning and creativity to occur!

Practising TRE regularly can affect you on many different levels:

  • Less anxiety
  • Clearer thinking
  • Quieter mind
  • More resilience
  • More energy
  • Better sleep
  • Improved digestion
  • Less muscle pain
  • Increased flexibility
  • Better relationships
  • Creative expression
  • Feeling more alive and ‘whole’