About Me

“It’s never too late to be who you might have been.”
~ George Eliot

This quote is one of my favourites. I took the long and not-so-scenic route to becoming a writer and discovering TRE. You can read my story below.

Me in a nutshell
  • I live on the sunny south coast. I moved here 4 years ago and can’t imagine living anywhere else. The sea soothes my soul.
  • A year ago, I discovered TRE. It had such a profound effect on me (hint: it’s way more than a stress-relief technique), I trained to become a practitioner and now teach individuals and groups.
  • I am an author. I write self-help/health books and children’s books. Like most writers, I have too many ideas and too little time!
  • I like to move. When I’m not writing or teaching TRE, I enjoy qigong, yoga, HIT training, weights, dancing, and hiking.

Cartwheel illustration


My story: Becoming a writer

When I was young I dreamt of being a writer. But two things stood in my way: self-doubt and procrastination. I was an expert in both.

For years, I scribbled character names, random sentences, and the start of several novels on bits of paper which I filed hid in a box beneath my bed.

For years, I explored every career known to man except the one I knew deep down I really wanted.

I was a store manager, a software trainer, and a copywriter.

I sold t-shirts, decorated Christmas trees, and flirted dangerously with becoming a gardener and yoga teacher.

I was a personal trainer and health writer for over 12 years – coaching private clients and writing articles on health and wellbeing.

But something was always missing.

One day, whilst studying for a diploma in hypnotherapy, it hit me: I didn’t want to be a hypnotherapist. What I wanted to do was to move to the coast and write books!


Several years and several sleepless nights later (did I mention the self-doubt and procrastination?), I moved into a new home by the sea.

My non-fiction book Oh Sugar! was published in 2015 and my children’s novel was shortlisted for the Times/Chicken House Children’s Fiction Competition 2017.

My story: Discovering TRE

It might sound like writing my first two books was a breeze, but it wasn’t like that. There were a few problems.

Firstly, I was the picture of health until I turned 40… and then weird things started happening, like heart palpitations and random stomach pains.

Secondly, I suffered with social anxiety, which meant I hated any sort of public speaking or being in large groups (I steered clear of both).

And thirdly, I was blocked. Despite ‘knowing’ I was a writer, I only really wrote if I was frogmarched to the computer by a horrendous deadline.

I tried all sorts of things to help myself – meditation, mindfulness, yoga, tai chi, reiki, therapy… I even gave up caffeine and alcohol for 3 long months!

Everything helped a bit. But nothing helped a lot, until I stumbled across TRE.

I read The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk, which explained how stress and trauma is stored in the body.

I googled “how to release stress and trauma” and booked myself on a ‘tension and trauma releasing’ workshop. It was a turning point.

I started practising TRE three times a week and, little by little, amazing things started to happen:

My stomach pains disappeared.

My palpitations went from occurring several times a day to just once or twice a week.

My anxiety started to fade. Not only was I calmer and less bothered by the stresses of everyday life, but to my surprise, I felt more connected to people and less worried about what they were thinking!

And most surprisingly of all, I started to feel creative in refreshing new way. I realised I wanted to create for the pure joy of it rather than an end result (like being published, making millions, or impressing anyone).

It was such a relief!

Of course, this didn’t happen overnight. And I’m still a work in progress. Whilst I now enjoy teaching TRE to small groups, I won’t be announcing my new career as a public speaker anytime soon!

Still, my life has changed in so many ways and it’s all down to TRE.

When we switch off the stress response and rebalance the nervous system, we start to heal physically and mentally.

If we ever get the chance to work together, I hope this journey is as amazing for you as it has been for me…