As I have discovered personally, it’s really hard to be authentically creative when your nervous system is fried (or ‘dysregulated’, to put it scientifically!). Here are a few methods which have helped me over the years.


This is the single most powerful technique I have ever tried – it has completely changed my life! It might sound weird but ‘therapeutic tremoring’ or spontaneous movement/shaking is a mechanism we are all born with. I learnt it this mechanism first through TRE (Tension & Trauma Release Exercises) and then Shaking Medicine. Both are fantastic.

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This course is run by Richmond Heath, a leading TRE Provider and teacher who I highly recommend.

Learn about Shaking Medicine:
Shaking Medicine is inspired by the Kalahari Bushmen of Africa who use ‘shaking medicine’ as one of their main forms of healing. It’s a fun, creative way to practise tremoring.


Learning Shaking Medicine and the power of spontaneous movement led me to study qi gong. My favourite teacher is Lee Holden. I subscribe to his weekly online classes but he has lots of free videos on YouTube.

Lee Holden Qigong: & Lee’s YouTube channel


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