If you are a writer who struggles to write, or an artist who struggles to paint, here are two techniques that might help – one for the mind and one for the body (both have helped me enormously).


If you’re creatively ‘blocked’, it’s usually because you have a lot of THINKING about your creative project and it’s 99.9% negative (I speak from years of personal experience)! Most solutions focus on eliminating negative thoughts and creative more positive ones, but I am currently exploring a different approach based on an understanding called the Three Principles. I’ll share more about this soon but for now, here are two coaches I highly recommend:

Nicola Bird:

Michael Neill:


It’s hard to be truly creative when your nervous system is fried (or ‘dysregulated’, to put it scientifically). Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises or TRE enable you to tap into a self-healing tremoring mechanism which can profoundly calm your nervous system (and in turn, your thinking). I came across TRE several years ago and was so impressed, I trained in both TRE and Shaking Medicine.

Learn about TRE (worldwide):

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Learn about Shaking Medicine:
Shaking Medicine is inspired by the Kalahari Bushmen of Africa who use shaking as one of their main forms of healing.