What the heck am I doing here?

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This is my first ever blog post.

I don’t Tweet, I don’t do Facebook and my mobile phone is still the size of a brick. For me to be writing a blog means something is up. Which it is.

I’m writing a blog in an attempt to overcome my compulsion to be invisible. To stay under the radar. To move stealthily through life without drawing too much attention to myself.

The great thing about living like this is that no one notices you.

The bad thing about living like this is that you are guaranteed a mediocre and fairly anxious existence (hiding takes a lot of energy and it’s scary as hell when you’re shoved into the limelight for more than a nanoscond).

It also means you don’t get to do all the things you secretly yearn to do like dance, sing, get married and write children’s books (yes, I think these things are connected).

So recently I made two BIG decisions:

  1. I would sign up for a 10-month Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy in a last ditch attempt to shake up my life and learn how to master my mind once and for all
  2. I would write a blog about my experience – what I learnt and how it changed my life (or didn’t)

The aim: to express myself, conquer my fears (I have a few) and let nothing distract me from my new-found ‘me-ness’.

One last teeny tiny thing you need to know…the course starts tomorrow.

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