You can’t hide the spark!

My boyfriend left me a cute note the other day:I love the “You cannot hide the spark” bit. But I beg to differ. Patently you can as I am doing a pretty good job of it right this moment.

The whole point of this blog is for me to express myself but in reality I have had a bad case of brain-freeze. Whenever I sit down to write anything I go all self-conscious and write stuff I think I should be writing. You know. Logical. Polite. Sensible Stuff. As opposed to the stuff that deep down I really want to write.

I know I’m not alone; yesterday hypnotherapist, Emma Brooke, wrote a great blog entitled ‘Are you playing it safe?’.  The words catapulted from the computer screen and smacked me in the face. Am I playing it safe?

(Deep breath) YEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!

In the rest of the post, Emma reveals how she “went down the traditional academic path and got a ‘normal’ job”.

Of course, what she secretly wanted was a career that allowed her to “help people” and write.

Instead, she found herself working 50 hours a week in an office with a bunch of people who thought therapy was “a load of rubbish, to put it politely. They wanted 110% commitment and dedication from me and didn’t agree with me that working 50 hours a week was enough to show this. They didn’t want me to have any outside interests”.


Gradually, over time, her self-belief grew and she got over her fear of being “a fraud”.  She trained in hypnotherapy, started writing a blog and the rest, as they say, is history.

But it got me thinking…How can some people let their spark loose with wild abandon? And others snuff it out before it’s even had a chance to do some gentle smouldering?!

It’s a conundrum I’m determined to explore over the next few months.

For now, I have resolved to stop playing it safe and write whatever comes into my brain. No thinking. No analysing. And no twiddly editing.

It could get messy.

On the other hand, there are squillions of blogs out there. Chances are, two people will stumble across this one. So there’s no need to worry what people will think.

The reality is, this is just me having a conversation with my computer.

And I really don’t think my computer gives a s**t what I say. Which is kind of liberating when you think about it.

2 thoughts on “You can’t hide the spark!”

  1. I guess I’m one of the two, and I like what I see so far. You should write what you are feeling, otherwise it’s just…an essay, right? Writing is a way to express oneself, and if we aren’t doing that then why bother, right?


    1. Thank you, my thoughts exactly!

      P.S. Congratulations – you win the prize for being the first person to comment on my blog :-)


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