How St Ives restored my mojo

Two weeks ago I went to St Ives in Cornwall for a break. (I didn’t blog about it because I needed a break from life and, more specifically, from staring at my computer screen.)

Before the holiday I searched online for a place we could afford to rent – a tinsy winsy cottage with a woodburning stove, old beams, views of rolling fields…you know the sort of thing.

But instead I found myself gazing longingly at a modern luxury apartment with a mind-blowing view of the sea.

Problem was, it was £200 over our budget.

‘What’s the point,’ I thought, ‘it’s too expensive, it’s too luxurious, it’s not the kind of place I could ever stay in.’

(Which, of course, is precisely why I needed to book it.)

So I continued with my budget search but kept the out-of-my-league apartment on screen in case some miracle occurred and we could somehow afford it.

Two weeks passed (with me sneaking almost daily peeks at the apartment details) and then something miraculous actually happened.

The apartment was fully booked throughout October…except for the one week we wanted to go. And because the date was creeping nearer and nearer, the owners started reducing the price. First by £50. Then by £25.

It was still way over our budget but all of a sudden it seemed tantalisingly possible.

After several days of watching the price come down, we couldn’t bear it any longer. Ignoring our strict budget, we booked it before it was snapped up by anyone else.

It was the best decision we ever made. You’ll understand why when you see the view. This was what greeted us each  day…

In the morning we sat in bed and watched the sun come up…

At night the lights of Carbis Bay twinkled, as if it were Christmas…

On gorgeous misty mornings we watched an enormous abstract painting unfurl before our eyes…

After breakfast we walked along the coastal path to St Ives and stopped to watch the fishermen in the harbour…

On blustery days we drank hot chocolate in cosy cafes just metres from where the sea was pounding…

In short, it was bliss.

There is something about St Ives – the rugged coastline, the incredible light, and something about the people that’s equally inspiring.

It seems like every other person is an artist or craftsperson; making their living by pouring their heart and soul into beautiful things they create with their hands.

Everywhere you turn there’s a gallery or potters’ studio to explore.

We bought a cute stripey pot by Laura McCrossen from Fish Pi Pottery…

I fell in love with some pieces by glass artist Julia Mills….

And I couldn’t resist this print of a cherry blossom tree by Izumi Ormori

On our last day we bought a framed print of St Ives harbour by local artist Malcolm Bowmer to remind us of our magical week…

These lovely things are now dotted about my flat – in strategic places so I catch glimpses of them throughout the day.

The little stripey pot is on a shelf in the bathroom, the cherry blossom print sits on a chest of drawers in my bedroom, and the St Ives harbour print has pride of place in the lounge.

I smile whenever I see them.

St Ives gently showed me how alive I feel when I surround myself with line, shape and colour, as well as words.


5 thoughts on “How St Ives restored my mojo”

  1. St Ives always makes me feel refreshed I love it there so much. It’s weird, it’s the kind of place that just gets you. It always makes me feel like I NEED to be by the sea. Maybe I’ll retire there – a girl can dream!

    Amazing apartment btw. What a view x


    1. I know what you mean – I virtually had to be dragged away from the sea when we left and drove home to Surrey (not quite the same as Cornwall). I still have that feeling of NEEDING to be by the sea – it’s good to know it had the same effect on you too!


  2. Amazing, it brings you back to earth but allows you to dream, what appears impossibile is actually possible and attainable :))


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