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An entrepreneur’s top 5 tips for success

A few weeks ago I interviewed Julian Ranger for my Spark Stories project.

Julian is an entrepreneur who sold his company for £19 million and could have retired to a life of leisure but instead opted to continue doing what he loves (namely, “doing my own thing” and building businesses).

You may be wondering whether I chat to millionaires on a regular basis. The truth is, Julian is a friend of one of my personal training clients, who happens to be a very successful entrepreneur himself (funny how I tend to attract entrepreneurial types…)

Anyway, Julian is both fascinating and charismatic – as you’ll see in the videos at the end in which he shares his top five tips for success and Wile E Coyote and Road Runner make an appearance!

He is also the type of person whose story makes you look at your life and wish you had done slightly more with it (don’t say I didn’t warn you).

Read Julian Ranger’s story here…


2 thoughts on “An entrepreneur’s top 5 tips for success”

  1. What a dilemma?!? Ranger’s story is so cool that it seems like a failure to succeed on a smaller scale. On the other hand, his simple lessons are applicable to maximizing all levels of success. But, back to the first, it wouldn’t be as persuasive if he hadn’t been so successful.

    Good interview!


    1. Thanks, I know what you mean. I had a minor wobble about my life after hearing about his adventures! His tips are so down-to-earth though…I’m going to be pinning my dreams next to my computer from now on.


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