A historic blog moment (for two reasons)

Two Scotch eggs
Photograph: Felicity Cloake

Yesterday I achieved my 100th follower. Yippee!!

(OK, perhaps not earth-shattering for you, but the ground definitely moved a little for me.)

The blogger who unwittingly participated in this historic moment is Tazein (thank you Tazein!) who writes an inspirational blog called ‘Transcending Borders’. One of my favourite posts is Be you (if you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be).

Now, up to this point I have blogged anonymously. Occasionally I’ve mentioned my blog in passing to the odd friend and then come over all mysterious and vague when asked for any more information (like what the blog’s called and where they can actually read it).

Great tactic huh?

It reminds of the Writing makes you sit on a hill post I wrote a while ago.

Blogging most definitely makes you sit on a hill. Hence the hiding up to now.

So my next challenge is to sit on the darn hill and announce this fact to the world. Then hunker down, no matter how fidgety or uncomfortable I feel. (Hey, it might even be fun! I’ll bring some Scotch eggs.)

THANK YOU for being with me and for all your support x

(P.S. There’ll be quiche as well, just in case you don’t like Scotch eggs. I know they’re not everyone’s cup of tea.)

8 thoughts on “A historic blog moment (for two reasons)”

  1. Scotch eggs? I had to look that up. Why haven’t those become more popular in my part of the world? This is an outrage that you, the dedicated reporter from a more sophisticated part of the world, have just revealed. This is demonstration-fodder for sure!


    1. As your intrepid and sophisticated Scotch Egg reporter I am outraged on your behalf that you have not come across this culinary delight before. A word of warning though just in case you try to buy some in a UK supermarket sometime; avoid cheap brands cos they taste like boiled eggs rolled in cardboard. However, once you have sampled a high quality Scotch Egg, you will never look back.


  2. Damn, that scotch egg looks good. We can get them here in NZ, but they don’t look (or taste, I imagine) like those! Hey, enjoy the view from the hill.


  3. That looks like a mighty good scotch!

    So it’s time to unveil or should I say publicise, a darn good blog to the world ..let the sparks of inspiration fly and catch fire in true Ray Mears style. Then many more can settle around the campfire which is your blog. :)


  4. Congratulations on your following – you are obviously doing something right – good for you! However for me Scotch should only come in bottles ….. cheers.


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