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The Jobseeker’s Prayer

The Jobseeker's Prayer
© Richard Pettitt

I am looking for work at the moment. It has its ups and downs.

Today Richard Pettitt, a fellow 30 Day Challenger, posted an inspired ‘jobseeker’s prayer’ which is uncannily like the one I have been saying for a while now.

Weirdly, it hasn’t been answered. Maybe I’m doing it wrong?

See what you think: The Jobseeker’s Prayer

3 thoughts on “The Jobseeker’s Prayer”

  1. My early childhood was filled with the saying,
    “God answers all prayers, sometimes the answer is ‘No’ ”
    In my early 20s, I amended it to this:
    “All prayers are answered, sometimes the answer is, “Wait for it…There, now, isn’t that so much better than what you asked for?”
    :D This perspective keeps me in such a better mood!

    Hang in there!


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