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One other intention I forgot to tell you about which came true recently in an unexpected way


After my post yesterday, I realised I missed out one important intention which came true a few weeks ago.

Here it is:

I used to spend lots of weekends down here by the coast, summoning up the courage to leave safe and leafy Surrey, where I lived, for The Unknown.

One day, as I walked around the harbour, I spotted the most idyllic house. A 17th or 18th century country house. White walls. Pale blue window frames. Modest (I’m not into big houses). Maybe 3 bedrooms? But beautiful to look at and in the most amazing spot; right next to the water, with far-reaching views across the harbour and boats.

Every time I walked past the house, I looked longingly at it and vowed that one day I would walk around inside it. (I didn’t dare dream I would ever live in it; I guessed it was worth around £1.5 million).

Fast forward a year or two and I have made the move to the coast. I am living in a cute two up, two down house a few minutes from the water’s edge and I am looking for work.

One day an email pops into my inbox from a job site and I see the perfect job for me (freelance admin/business support work for a local wellness company). I send my CV off and get invited for an interview. I look up the address on Google maps so I know where to go and I am overcome with the strangest feeling…

Yup, you guessed it; IT WAS THE HOUSE! I couldn’t believe it!

A week later I went for the interview and was given an impromptu tour of the building. It was gorgeous. As I expected. But the most gorgeous thing of all were the views. They were the kind of views that make your shoulders drop five inches from their usual position hovering somewhere near your ears. (Big sigh.)

You’d think I’d get the job, wouldn’t you? (That’s how it would have played out in a film – with me working there and falling head over heals in love with their son or gardener something). But this is real life. I didn’t get the job (I was “overqualified” for the role). Instead, we are meeting for a coffee to discuss potential writing work.

So there you go. I set an intention and the universe responded in no uncertain terms. Just not in quite the way I expected!


2 thoughts on “One other intention I forgot to tell you about which came true recently in an unexpected way”

  1. I love stories like this. Intentions are powerful things. Who knows? Maybe the writing work will turn out to be better than the admin job.
    Beautiful retelling. Best of luck xx

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