Writing a Book (Part 9): A perfect night in

Last night a friend (who it has to be said has more than a passing affection for a certain fizzy drink) sent me this photo entitled ‘A Perfect night in’….

Oh Sugar! book
Naturally, I am not endorsing such outrageous ‘reading nibbles’! But it did make me laugh. It also made me do a double take. My book is supposed to be out in January. How had my friend managed to get a copy so soon?

Further investigation (i.e. a quick email to the publisher’s sales team) revealed that the publication date has been brought forward from 8th January and Oh Sugar! is now available on Amazon and it should be in bookshops from New Year’s Day.

Asda and WHSmith have even ordered copies! And the book is already being reprinted to keep up with orders (which is apparently rare before a publication date).

This is all getting very surreal and strange…

5 thoughts on “Writing a Book (Part 9): A perfect night in”

    1. Just checked the library site & they have 8 copies ordered. But I noticed they have the author as Daisy Godwin, yet the cover image clearly has your name. I will correct them!


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