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Notes for my next book

It’s been four months since I finished writing Oh Sugar! and now that I’ve recharged my batteries, I’m itching to write my second book!

The question is, what should I write next?

Like most writers, I have ideas coming out of my ears. There’s my children’s novel, for starters. But there are also three non-fiction ideas buzzing round in my head:

1) a book about writing
(I’ll keep schtum about the details for now but it’s to do with overcoming fears)

2) a mini self-help title
(I could put this on my blog as a free PDF or turn it into a small ebook?)

3) a second health book to follow Oh Sugar!

I’m guessing book 3 is the most obvious choice, but I’m scribbling notes for all three. I know from experience that my brain needs a chance to play before it informs me what to do next.

Until then, I’ll hang tight, trust the process and try to contain my excitement… You’ll be the first to know what it says!

4 thoughts on “My next book”

  1. I vote for the children’s novel. I’m working on one too and would love to partner up as support buddies. We could egg each other on. Maybe write one of your characters as an American, then I can help you! I’m already writing about an Irish woman who was raised in England. So you can tell me if she is written correctly!
    Just an idea…check me out at


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