Bestsellerdom at last!

Oh Sugar! on The Express Bookshop
Oh Sugar! on The Express Bookshop

OK, I am going to milk this for all its worth. You are about to witness a historic moment; the very first time that the words ‘bestseller’ and ‘Katherine Bassford’ are uttered within the same sentence!


Remember that extract from Oh Sugar! that was published in the Daily Express a few weeks ago? Well, if you go to The Express Bookshop online and click on Express Bestsellers, guess what? Scroll a little way down the page and there I am, in 8th place!

I am also ranked 11,141 on the Amazon bestseller rank. Considering there are about a squillion books on Amazon (OK, 6 million), I reckon that’s pretty good going.

Please excuse me whilst I do a little WOOP!


14 thoughts on “Bestsellerdom at last!”

  1. WOOP, WOOP indeed!!

    Well done KB. So glad I got my copy for four quid during that ever so brief moment when it was in the Amazon doldrums! Just think what it will be worth once you’ve signed it for me – eBay here I come!!

    Now you just have to do it again with a book that you really, really want to write : ) Jim x

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    1. Hey Jim, it must have been in the doldrums a few times as the price is up and down like a yo-yo as far as I can tell! £4.00 = bargain I reckon (I’m sure you’ll get at least £2.00 for it on eBay!) :-) As for the book I really really want to write… watch this space!! xx


  2. Congrats! That’s wonderful. As a writer we have to ‘roll around in it’ whenever we can – to keep us going! Blowing your own horn is PERFECT! Being proud of yourself is filling your own cup! So roll away! You deserve it!


  3. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Celebrate it BIG Style
    Pats on the back and high fives all round.
    Best Seller, those words sound Grrrreaaaat! ( like the Honey Monster but without the sugar :))
    A lot of hard work
    Give yourself a special day off.


  4. I couldn’t be more happy for you. Congratulations. Woop from the rooftops. There was quite a woop from me having heard that news. Hope the neighbours didn’t hear me lol. Feeling quite proud of you too. Hope to see you on the same list one day. Inspiring once again. Well done.


  5. Great stuff, Katherine! :) That’s awesome news! Really chuffed for you – can you do me a signed copy for Thursday? I wasn’t going to bother, but now it’s a bestseller, well I don’t have any choice do I? ;)


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