Interview with award-winning children’s author, Vanessa Curtis

The Earth is Singing (front cover)

I have just finished reading The Earth is Singing.

?*@X&!!*£*&^#”??!!! [this is the sound of my brain imploding].

Seriously, it’s so good, I had an out of body experience and found myself walking to the computer and writing my first ever review on Amazon.

You know how some books eek their way into your cells and never leave?

This is one of them.

It’s the story of the Nazi occupation of Latvia, seen through the eyes of a young girl. To be honest, it’s pretty heartbreaking (I found myself reading whilst holding my breath, or with one hand over my mouth in shock a lot of the time). But it’s also a moving story about the power of the human spirit.

I couldn’t put the book down. I devoured it in three sittings. And as I finished the last page, I had one thought; “This deserves to be a bestseller.”

So I’m doing my bit to ensure this happens by interviewing the author, Vanessa Curtis… who happens to live virtually round the corner from me.

Holy meatballs! How did this fortuitous event happen?

Well, it’s due to a cosmic force called LinkedIn. When I moved to Emsworth I searched on LinkedIn for fellow writers and found Vanessa. I sent her a message thinking, “She’ll never reply,” but she did. And we’ve stayed in contact ever since.

You can read my interview with Vanessa here…



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