Writing a book + ego issues + thank you

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One of my biggest concerns about writing a book – the thing that made me break out in a cold sweat whenever I thought about it – was receiving dire reviews on Amazon. I know it’s not a very impressive thing to admit to. I wish I could say I am beyond such things. But I’m not. And this fear almost made me turn down the opportunity to write my first book. But thank goodness I didn’t listen to my stupid ego because Oh Sugar! has received ten 5 star reviews on Amazon (and I promise you, no bribery was involved!) So I just want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has bought a copy of Oh Sugar! and to everyone who has taken the time to write a review online. Several people have told me my book has transformed the way they think about sugar and inspired them to change their diet – so the hours of research and months in front of the computer were totally worth it. [Massive sigh of relief] If I want to write more books though, I think it will be easier if I tell my ego to go take a running jump. It’s natural to want people to like what you write but not to the point of it stopping you from writing altogether! So I have recruited Eckhart Tolle to help me. I am reading his The Power of Now and Practising The Power of Now – both brilliant books when you’re ready for them (when I picked them up a few years ago, I wasn’t). Thank you everyone xxx

2 thoughts on “Writing a book + ego issues + thank you”

  1. Hi Katherine

    I am one of those people who has changed eating habits because of your book. I am so pleased you didn’t give into your fears. There’s a quote I once heard “feel the fear and do it anyway”. Which is so true. I am glad I had the opportunity to buy and read your book and consequently change my eating habits. So a big thank you. I aim to give you another 5 star rating in the very near future. Thanks a million x


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