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A few changes around here…

Do you ever get the feeling your life needs a revamp?

I’ve been feeling this way for a while now and, as I’m a firm believer in decluttering your life in order to let new stuff in, I’ve started by revamping my blog!

I wrote my first blog post over four years ago under a different title: Adventures of a Trainee Hypnotherapist. At the time I was studying for a Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy and I planned to blog about my hypnotherapy adventures… only half way through the course I realised I didn’t really want to hypnotise people, I wanted to write books instead! So the blog title changed but the design stayed the same. And it has been the same ever since.

(I qualified as a hypnotherapist anyway, just in case.)

Yesterday I took the plunge and revamped my blog so it’s more in keeping with my new author/illustrator website. (In an ideal world, I would merge the two sites but when I looked into the scary steps you had to take to do this, my brain announced it wasn’t interested in the idea. So for now they are staying separate.)

For those of you who have been with me for a while, I hope you like the new look! It comes with lots of new thoughts and plans, which I’ll be sharing here and on my new facebook page.

Do drop by and say hello. I can’t promise tea and biscuits but there will be cute characters and some new greetings cards and prints, which will look something like this…

Long Dog card


9 thoughts on “A few changes around here…”

  1. Thanks Katherine. I have just re read your blog etc and love it. You should re read your quotes on Inspiration to keep you going.



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