Writing News: I am a mini Egg!

Exciting news: I have been offered a place on the Golden Egg Academy’s fantastic ‘Writing for Children and Young Adults’ course!

This means I am officially a mini Egg (you are only a full Egg once you’ve graduated) 😊

For the next 12 months I will be crafting my children’s novel under the watchful eye of a team of industry experts.

Golden Egg only offer places to a small number of applicants each year and writers who have been through the academy and gone on to achieve great things include M. G. Leonard (Beetle Boy), Vashti Hardy (Brightstorm), Lorraine Gregory (Mold and the Poison Plot), and James Nicol (The Apprentice Witch).

My ‘great achievement’ will be to FINISH my novel, which as you know, I have been struggling to do since it was shortlisted for the Times/Chicken House Children’s Fiction Competition in the Dark Ages (2017).

As any writer knows, writing a novel involves many ups and downs and drinking of copious alcohol. Over the next year I will be sharing my highs and lows, thoughts, ponderings, tips, and creative processes, in the form of little snippets.

‘Snippet’ is such a good word. It means ‘a small part, piece, or thing’.

When you’re writing a novel, ‘blog snippets’ is the way to go.

My next snippet will be winging its way to this blog next week.

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