Roald Dahl's writing chair
Sitting in Roald Dahl’s writing chair

When I was young I dreamt of being a writer.

So I did the only sensible thing – I embarked on a series of soul-destroying jobs and told myself my scribbles would never amount to anything!

I explored every career option known to man, except the one I knew deep down I really wanted.

I have been a store manager, a software trainer, a personal trainer, and a copywriter.

I have sold ice creams, studied hypnotherapy, and flirted dangerously with becoming a songwriter, gardener, greetings card designer and yoga teacher.

Nothing took away the restless feeling inside of me.

Until, one day, at the age of 44, I finally admitted what I had been running from for years; ‘Oh bollocks, I want to be a children’s writer!’

So I did the only sensible thing:

I wrote out my dreams.

I moved to the sea(I live on the south coast, Hampshire, UK).

And I started writing a children’s book.

This is the story of what happens next as I finish my manuscript and find a publisher…

(Oh, and it’s also the story of how, along the way, I got sidetracked by a commission to write a book about sugar.)


Why is this blog called You Can’t Hide the Spark?
Because if you have a spark inside you (a book, a painting, a song, a business idea), you can try to ignore, like I did. But it won’t go away. It will keep biting you on the arse until you release it… And trust me, that reeeeeally hurts. Sparks have f’ing sharp teeth!

“If a story is in you, it has got to come out” ~ William Faulkner

18 thoughts on “About”

    1. Hey thank you – I’m longing to do something more with them and perhaps do a printmaking and illustration course but how do you fit 12 different careers into one life?? It’s a condundrum. Like your blog – congrats on the new temp booking!


      1. Ooh I’d say go do them! You could try short courses at first if you’re not sure then do longer ones for those you like the most. I am just like you, it can be hard to focus if you have a lot of interests. I have found it helps to plan and prioritise. Even focusing on one thing for a month can help you be more productive! Thanks, I feel warm and fuzzy ha ha!


  1. Congratulations! I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog/Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Have a look at the rules on my site if you would like to accept. Cheers KnitNell


    1. Hey KnitNell, thank you soooo much for this. My very first blog award! I was beyond chuffed when it popped into my inbox. Sadly it came at a bad time which is why I haven’t responded until now. Just wanted to say a big thank you and to let you know that I will be adding a post about this ASAP.


      1. Glad things are a bit better for you. I always like to ‘pop’ over and see what you are writing. Don’t feel pressured about the award – no time limit to reply – but it is a lovely way to think about why you blog and any benefits of blogging, and to think of the other blogs you read that inspire you.


  2. Your blog is great, whether you know it or not. So, I have nominated you for a Sunshine Blog Award leaving you with two options: 1) bask in the glow; or 2) bask in the glow and spread it further as described on my blog (the post titled “A Sunny Friday”).


    1. Wow, THANK YOU. I will do a combination of option 1 and 2. I intend to bask in the glow for a few days and then get my arse into gear and spread the sunshine further. Thank you for your support, it is much appreciated!


  3. This is a much better “About” page, Katherine – congratulations on emerging from anonymity!! (a photo would be nice, by the way…). I love your mission to find your spark again (may I join you, please?!) and I’m sure nobody is going to have to shoot you! :-)
    Like Christine, I’m so glad I discovered your blog through 30DC. Onward and Upward!!


    1. Thanks Julia! I am working on the photo (due to my phobia about cameras and the fact that my face does something weird whenever a camera comes anywhere near me, this is no mean feat). Thank you for joining me in my quest to find my spark again. Us spark hunters must stick together :-)


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