INTERVIEW: Christine Hurst ~ Children’s Writer

Location: Auckland, New Zealand Date of birth: 1965 Websites:   More than 80% of us say we want to write a book, but less than 1% actually do. And of this 1%, a scarily minute amount are actually published (the figures are so small, it’s best not to think about it). Christine is a rare creature: she… Continue reading INTERVIEW: Christine Hurst ~ Children’s Writer


How to be a children’s author

Reading a book is easy. Writing one is slightly harder. (Guess which I excel at?!) So when I met Christine Hurst on the 30 Day Challenge earlier this year and discovered that she was a children’s author, she was instantly catapulted to god-like status in my eyes. Thankfully, her journey to being published has been… Continue reading How to be a children’s author