Celebration time!

Image: Microsoft

You know when you do something and things click into place and suddenly you feel like you, 100%?

This happened to me today.

Here’s why:

Years ago I designed some little children’s characters. They were truly an extension of me. I loved them. I cared for them. Sometimes I even spoke to them.

So what did I do with them? I did what any self-respecting aspiring creative would do; I stored them away in a folder and ignored them.

I’m not sure how successful I was at doing this – my subconscious knew they were there. Ignoring them was energy-sapping.

But today I did something mind-blowing:

I took my little friends to a designer who scanned them in to his computer and started adjusting colours and contrast and tones on screen so that they came alive in front of me.

I sat behind him, with a massive grin on my face. (Thinking: This is who I am! This is who I am! This is who I am!).

For years I have wanted to be more creative.

For years I have wanted to express the real me.

For years I have wanted to start making money from using my imagination.

Today I took the first step towards making these dreams come true.


3 thoughts on “Celebration time!”

  1. An amazing insight it to how creatives work, but also inspirational to those of us finding our way out of the job we know we should be swapping for some far more intune with our hearts and minds…..


  2. Hi – it was late in the evening but I wanted to have a quick look at your blog as you had left a kind note on mine. It is now much later and I am still having a look and really enjoying it. Love this article above – have you put these little characters on this blog? KnitNell


    1. Thanks for commenting! Well, the little bird to the top right of the blog is one of my characters. He has two friends and I will be introducing them all in a future post, I am experimenting with putting them on children’s t-shirts, cards and wrapping paper etc…


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