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Trying too hard?

I had a telling dream last night:

I dreamt that a singer from The Voice (which I watched last night) sadly died during the night from a heart attack.

In my dream I heard the news and was immediately concerned it was Tom Jones (I have a soft spot for him).

It turned out it was one of the younger contestants – they had strained their voice when performing and had keeled over shortly afterwards.

When I woke up it briefly amused me to think I had actually dreamt about The Voice! And then I remembered something:

When I went to bed last night my heart had been thumping. You know that feeling when you’re lying there thinking ‘I’m sure my heart shouldn’t be thumping quite so hard’?

I had been studying all day for my hypnotherapy diploma and had had a few glasses of wine to help me unwind – so lying there in the dark I put my thumping heart down to too much alcohol in my system.

But then I also remembered the singer…it dawned on me that they had keeled over because they had been trying too hard. They were straining at something they love; something which should be easy and natural and fun. And in the process it killed them.

That got me pondering…was my subconscious trying to warn me (not so subtly as it happens)?

I have definitely been guilty of trying too hard. Pushing too much. Working for too long to perfect something that doesn’t need to be perfect in the first place.

I’ve done it all my life and I’m doing it again with my HPD (hypnotherapy practitioner diploma).

I have also been suffering from palpitations for the last couple of years. Surely the two things are not a coincidence?

It’s almost like my heart is saying, enough now, time to calm down.

There’s only so much stress one heart can take.

Which is why, from this morning, I have decided to listen to it a bit more…And that’s why I’m sitting here writing this rather than working on my HPD.

My heart has spoken: NO. Not today thank you. Time out.  

Less strain and more  ‘nothingness’ from now on.

Kind of like this:

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