The Power

Something interesting happened today. I went for my usual chiropractic adjustment. (I work part-time for a wellness clinic and they give all their staff free treatments.)

The Big Cheese adjusted me. And at the end of a fair bit of neck crunching he said, “I don’t usually do this but I’m going to get a bit esoteric on you now”.

I braced myself.

He said, “There’s a big change in you. I can tell something has shifted.”

I nodded (not bad).

Then he paused and said, ”You’re more comfortable being you. It’s really quite a marked difference. You’ve had some sort of breakthrough.”

I was gobsmacked. How he got that from virtually snapping my neck in half I have no idea but the thing is, he’s right. For a while now I’ve been feeling different. Kind of  ‘ready’ for something. Hugh MacLeod sums it up like this:

The minute you become ready is the minute you stop dreaming. Suddenly it’s no longer about “becoming”. Suddenly it’s all about “doing”.

I never totally got that before.

You don’t get the dream job because you walk into the editor’s office for the first time and go, “Hi, I would really love to be a sportswriter one day, please.”

You get the job because you walk into the editor’s office and go, “Hi, I’m the best frickin’ sportswriter on the planet.” And somehow the editor can tell you aren’t lying, either.

You didn’t go in there, asking the editor to give you power. You went in there and politely informed the editor that you already have the power. That’s what being “ready” means.

I’m not saying I have the power right now, but I think what my chiropractor might have sensed is me gearing up for it to make its first ever guest appearance.


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