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The simple life

This is me in the Lake District. (Is it me or do my arms look abnormally long?) I am on top of Fairfield, a 2863 ft mountain. We had to rely on our slightly dodgy compass skills to navigate as the mist was so thick we could only see a few metres in front of us. But every now and then the mist lifted to reveal breathtaking panoramic views.

It’s at times like these that I know there is nowhere else I would rather be. Nothing else I would rather be doing. Despite the somewhat ‘challenging’ weather conditions…

There was a lot of rain:

Sometimes it was very dark:

And misty:

And verrrrry windy. As in, if I don’t sit down right now I am going to be blown right off this summit (see photo below of my dad and I demonstrating emergency sitting position in gale force winds on top of Starling Dodd):

But that’s all part of the adventure isn’t it?

Some days we walked in sunshine:

And some days there were lovely surprises, like when we discovered that the Olympic Torch was going through Ambleside, just a few metres from where we were staying!

First a cavalry of policemen on motorbikes zoomed by (I got very excited – it was like something out of Chips!):

Photo courtesy of chips-tv.com for all covert Chips fans

Then there was lots of music blaring and cheering as the Torch Relay bus went past:

And finally, the torch itself appeared. Woo-hoo! (I don’t mean that sarcastically, it was surprisingly thrilling):

It made me feel all patriotic and stuff (cue furious flag waving).

You know what’s so refreshing about walking in the Lakes? Each day is just so darned simple.

This was my daily schedule:

07.00    sit in bed and read with a cup of tea (meditate if feeling saintly)
09.00    have a shower and eat breakfast
09.30    pore over maps to sort out our route for the day
10.00    make essential pack lunch (Scotch Eggs and Kendal Mint Cake optional but highly  recommended)
10.30    drive to start of route
11.00    walk up mountain
04.00    drive home
05.00    cup of tea and a bath, ahhhhh
06.00    crack open the wine and start eating (lots)
08.00    play cards all night and nibble on more Kendal Mint Cake (you know you shouldn’t but like a mountain, it’s there and therefore must be tackled)
11.00    go to bed, zzzzz

That’s it! Nothing else. A brilliantly, refreshingly, dazzling simple life.

(Deep sigh)…


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