Literary agent update

I had lunch with a friend just now. He earns £60,000+ doing very little work and very few hours.

He is also in a stable relationship and has a lovely 3-year-old daughter.

I drove home and pondered how I had got to this stage in my life – 42, no money, no home (I rent a flat), no husband and no children.

‘Oh, never mind’, I thought, ‘maybe I’ll get home and will have heard from the literary agency!’

Well I got home, logged on, and sure enough, there was an email from the agency. (I must be psychic or something.)

This is what it said:

Thank you for your submission, which we have read with interest. Unfortunately we did not feel enthusiastic enough about it to offer to take it further. 

We are sorry to give you a disappointing response, but thank you for thinking of us in connection with your work. We regret the necessity of a form email but we are unable to respond personally because of the large volume of unsolicited material we receive.

Sometimes life sucks.

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