You don’t have to grow up (not entirely)

Here is a conversation I have with myself quite regularly: ME 1: You are too immature. Writing children’s books and collecting children’s illustrations and cards and prints. Really! It’s time you grew up. ME 2: But David Walliams hasn’t grown up. And he’s written several bestselling children’s books. ME 1: It’s OK for David Walliams.… Continue reading You don’t have to grow up (not entirely)


Alien spotted hovering near my blog

While we were away in the Lake District I received two emails bearing good news. The first email was from the Quest Institute telling me I had passed my Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma. Finally, my 6 weeks of round-the-clock googly-eyed working-my-arse-off on the computer paid off! Pheeew. However my celebrations were overshadowed by the next piece… Continue reading Alien spotted hovering near my blog

Famous writers

10 famous writers who were rejected before making it big

In preparation for what I fear is going to be an imminent rejection, I thought I’d console myself with a list of famous rejected authors who have since gone on to achieve superstardom in the publishing world. Happily, there are quite a few of them. Here are some biggies: Beatrix Potter had so much trouble… Continue reading 10 famous writers who were rejected before making it big

Random thoughts & things

Wobbly moment alert

Last weekend, during the second module of my Hypnotherapy Diploma, I had a major wobble. We were learning about Time Lines, where you regress someone back along a line that represents their life and reframe a negative event from their past. @”&*#^#!”!! I really struggle with this kind of thing. Seriously, it makes me cringe. It was then that the… Continue reading Wobbly moment alert