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Heading in a new direction: Joy!

I hinted in my last post that I may be about to take a new direction in life. It requires a bit of explaining and bizarrely, it all starts with a Salsa class… I have always wanted to dance. For years I watched Strictly Come Dancing and vowed to start dancing, but of course I… Continue reading Heading in a new direction: Joy!


Today I drew some dogs

I am experimenting with having more fun with my creativity – just doing things for the heck of it really, just cos it makes me smile. Today I drew some dogs. A long dog… A hairy dog… An angry dog… And a surprised dog… What I love about quick doodles like this is that, within… Continue reading Today I drew some dogs


Want to be more creative? Release your inner child

Do you know why I love spending time with my nieces and nephews (aside from the fact that I love them to bits and they give life-enhancing hugs?) It’s because if you spend time with children - watch them jump and dance and sing - pretty soon your inner child will be itching to join in too.… Continue reading Want to be more creative? Release your inner child


You don’t have to grow up (not entirely)

Here is a conversation I have with myself quite regularly: ME 1: You are too immature. Writing children’s books and collecting children’s illustrations and cards and prints. Really! It’s time you grew up. ME 2: But David Walliams hasn’t grown up. And he’s written several bestselling children’s books. ME 1: It’s OK for David Walliams.… Continue reading You don’t have to grow up (not entirely)