Writing news (another book!)

Cripes, I’ve just realised I haven’t blogged since June! In case you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to, here’s a quick newsflash (actually, there's four of them): NEWSFLASH 1: In July I was commissioned to write another book. This time it was a pocket wellbeing/self-help book. I’m never sure whether I’m allowed to reveal… Continue reading Writing news (another book!)


Top writers tell all

I was poking about in the ‘library’ at work last week. It’s a creaky room in the eaves of the publishing company where they store all the titles they’ve released. As I glanced about me, my eyes were drawn upwards to a title I hadn't noticed before. Sitting on a shelf right above the door were the… Continue reading Top writers tell all


You don’t have to grow up (not entirely)

Here is a conversation I have with myself quite regularly: ME 1: You are too immature. Writing children’s books and collecting children’s illustrations and cards and prints. Really! It’s time you grew up. ME 2: But David Walliams hasn’t grown up. And he’s written several bestselling children’s books. ME 1: It’s OK for David Walliams.… Continue reading You don’t have to grow up (not entirely)