Writing a picture book in 3 days

Something unexpected has just happened. Since 2012 I have written and submitted 5 picture books to a few carefully selected literary agents. All my submissions have been rejected, though one was a “near miss” according to the agent who represents Julia Donaldson (guess how much I treasured those two words!). Rejections don't faze me; they’re… Continue reading Writing a picture book in 3 days


Writing news (another book!)

Cripes, I’ve just realised I haven’t blogged since June! In case you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to, here’s a quick newsflash (actually, there's four of them): NEWSFLASH 1: In July I was commissioned to write another book. This time it was a pocket wellbeing/self-help book. I’m never sure whether I’m allowed to reveal… Continue reading Writing news (another book!)

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7 months into my year of change…

I am now just over the half way point in my 'year of change'. I also turned 44 last Sunday. This has put me in a reflective mood (i.e. ‘oh god, where has my life gone?!’) and I have been mulling over what I have achieved so far this year. For those of you who… Continue reading 7 months into my year of change…


Aha! Is this the missing ingredient in my writing?

So…I haven’t been writing much recently. My children’s books are a major pain in the proverbials. I know I want to write them but I have a real problem with getting my bum on the seat. (It sounds like a good idea. I get a bit excited. And then my feet won’t actually walk me… Continue reading Aha! Is this the missing ingredient in my writing?


My first rejection letter

I have received my first rejection letter! Well, it was a rejection email. Luckily I was prepared for it so didn’t become too unhinged. But it was touch and go for a few seconds. The email plopped into my inbox last weekend. Realising it was a reply from an agent I took a deep breath… Continue reading My first rejection letter