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One year on…

On this day last year my dad lost his fight with cancer. After weeks of feeling numb, I vowed that I would dedicate 2013 to ‘turning my life around’ in honour of dad (I desperately wanted something good to come out of something so bad). Today I am checking in as promised, to see what… Continue reading One year on…

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7 months into my year of change…

I am now just over the half way point in my 'year of change'. I also turned 44 last Sunday. This has put me in a reflective mood (i.e. ‘oh god, where has my life gone?!’) and I have been mulling over what I have achieved so far this year. For those of you who… Continue reading 7 months into my year of change…

30 Day Challenge

The 30 Day Challenge is over…now what?

I have to admit, I am blooming exhausted. That’s why I’ve been quiet for the past week – the 30 Day Challenge was such an intense experience, I needed to go into hibernation at the end of it. Now that I have recovered (just) I can tell you, those 30 days changed everything: Firstly, I… Continue reading The 30 Day Challenge is over…now what?

30 Day Challenge

I did it!

Phew. 50 minutes before the 10pm deadline and I have just posted my first ever Spark Story interview with Marianne Windham. Go take a look because she’s a real inspiration – she turned her back on a high-flying corporate career to follow her passion to become a jazz musician. I’m off for a celebratory glass… Continue reading I did it!

30 Day Challenge

Today is the last day of the 30 Day Challenge (sniff)

I can’t believe it. It’s the last day! I'm feeling a mixture of sadness and panic. Why panic? Well, we have to post our finished Play Projects by 10pm this evening. So I'm going to be welded to my computer today finishing off my first Spark Story interview with Jazz Musician, Marianne Windham. I've written… Continue reading Today is the last day of the 30 Day Challenge (sniff)

30 Day Challenge

Turning envy into action

On Sunday I wrote a post about envy. I came to the conclusion that the reason I envy other people’s Play Projects is because they contain some vital element that's missing in my life. That vital element turned out to be 'little illustrations' and 'combining words with pictures'. Hmm...So what did I do about this… Continue reading Turning envy into action

30 Day Challenge

My first Spark Story interview!

Ladies and gentlemen, an historic moment has occurred - I have conducted my first ever Spark interview. Last week I read an article in my local paper about woman who gave up her career as director of an IT consultancy to become a professional double bass player. I instantly wanted to interview her for my… Continue reading My first Spark Story interview!

30 Day Challenge

Half way through my 30 Day Challenge…

I can’t believe I am already half way through the 30 Day Challenge! So much has happened in such a short space of time. Would you like to know what I have achieved so far? (Bear in mind that just a month or so ago I was on the verge of giving up on my… Continue reading Half way through my 30 Day Challenge…

30 Day Challenge

The benefits of playing

On the 30 Day Challenge, we pledge to spend at least 20 minutes a day playing with our chosen projects. In the spirit of being more creative with my camera, I decided to photograph some fairy lights… VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: This might look like an assortment of pretty pink lights but in fact, what you’re… Continue reading The benefits of playing

30 Day Challenge

(Deep breath) here are my first photos…

So, I have done my first ‘photo shoot’ (i.e. roped J into being my model for the day). This was an interesting experience. I have never done photography before. And I don’t have a clue about f-stops and apertures. (Primarily because every time I try to read the SLR ‘User’s Manual’ I get a serious case of… Continue reading (Deep breath) here are my first photos…