Today I drew some dogs

I am experimenting with having more fun with my creativity – just doing things for the heck of it really, just cos it makes me smile. Today I drew some dogs. A long dog… A hairy dog… An angry dog… And a surprised dog… What I love about quick doodles like this is that, within… Continue reading Today I drew some dogs


Want to be more creative? Release your inner child

Do you know why I love spending time with my nieces and nephews (aside from the fact that I love them to bits and they give life-enhancing hugs?) It’s because if you spend time with children - watch them jump and dance and sing - pretty soon your inner child will be itching to join in too.… Continue reading Want to be more creative? Release your inner child


Should you make money from your hobbies?

KnitNell posted an interesting comment on my last post Work that feels like play: “A number of people I know say although they love their hobbies and love being creative they don’t however want to give up work and earn money through their hobbies. It would be turning something they love into work.” This is… Continue reading Should you make money from your hobbies?


Work that feels like play

The Guardian ran a great story recently about a man who handed in his resignation by cake! It was a passion cake (had to be) and this is the message he piped on top: “Today is my 31st birthday, and having recently become a father I now realise how precious life is and how important… Continue reading Work that feels like play

30 Day Challenge

The benefits of playing

On the 30 Day Challenge, we pledge to spend at least 20 minutes a day playing with our chosen projects. In the spirit of being more creative with my camera, I decided to photograph some fairy lights… VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: This might look like an assortment of pretty pink lights but in fact, what you’re… Continue reading The benefits of playing