A big fat creative lesson

I learnt a big fat creative lesson recently. As you know, I have been doing a doodle a day for the past few weeks. So far I have drawn frogs, dogs, bees and spiders. A few weeks ago, I decided to go off-piste and make something up. So I drew this: Er, except… I almost didn’t.… Continue reading A big fat creative lesson


My new business… possibly

Hello. Remember me?! Sorry I've been so quiet lately. Before Christmas consumes me, I thought I'd better post an update! The reason I've been a bit preoccupied lately is due to the hairy dog I drew way back in May. A friend very kindly put him on a t-shirt and a mug for me as a gift,… Continue reading My new business… possibly


Today I drew some dogs

I am experimenting with having more fun with my creativity – just doing things for the heck of it really, just cos it makes me smile. Today I drew some dogs. A long dog… A hairy dog… An angry dog… And a surprised dog… What I love about quick doodles like this is that, within… Continue reading Today I drew some dogs


Want to be more creative? Release your inner child

Do you know why I love spending time with my nieces and nephews (aside from the fact that I love them to bits and they give life-enhancing hugs?) It’s because if you spend time with children - watch them jump and dance and sing - pretty soon your inner child will be itching to join in too.… Continue reading Want to be more creative? Release your inner child


Little doodle: my first hedgehog

Fellow 30 Day Challenger Richard Pettit has started a Wish of the month blog. Last month he cycled to work and back (this was no ordinary commute; it was a round trip of over 50 miles.) This month he’s bravely learning to street dance. Pondering what my wish would be, especially in light of my… Continue reading Little doodle: my first hedgehog


I’ve finally done something I’ve always wanted to do!

My first postcard designs have come back from Moo.com! (Cue big grin). I have always wanted to create a product I can sell. When I was a kid I told my mum I wanted to sell cups of tea to passing drivers. (See - entrepreneurial from an early age.) Sadly, my business plan was slightly… Continue reading I’ve finally done something I’ve always wanted to do!