Do you go ‘weird’ if you’re not being creative?

“Have you done any writing or drawing lately?” J asked. “Not really," I said, "why?” “Because you get really crotchety if you don’t create something.” "Huh?!" Strange as it sounds, this was news to me. Everyone has their up and down days but I hadn’t appreciated that not being creative meant I was waaaay more likely to… Continue reading Do you go ‘weird’ if you’re not being creative?


My favourite inspirational quotes

When I was a kid, I collected rocks. (I really did - unusual ones, fossilised ones and ones with sparkly bits in them.) Nowadays, I collect quotes. When the chips are down, people can’t always be relied on to say the right things. A quote will hit the spot every time. But you need to… Continue reading My favourite inspirational quotes


What I learned today: we only get one shot at this

I spent most of today at work researching quotes about nature for a book about the great outdoors. Copyright rules state that you can only quote from a source who has been dead for 70+ years. So I found myself in the strange position of finding a great quote and then looking up the author… Continue reading What I learned today: we only get one shot at this


Are you inspired or motivated?

I got a book out from the library about motivation recently, thinking it might help me get my arse into gear with my writing and generally sorting my life out. Weirdly, it was surprisingly unmotivating. Out of the whole book there were only 6 pages that jumped out at me. (I know it was 6… Continue reading Are you inspired or motivated?