What I drew when I was a child

My mum was clearing out her loft at the weekend and she discovered a bag full of art she’d kept from when I was a kid.

I thought I’d share some of it with you.

Here is one of my earliest works, aged 3 ½ (not sure what inspired the squiggly thing to the right of the man’s face).

Child's drawing of a man
At 4 ½ I had progressed to this: (In case you were wondering, it’s a man driving a digger. Obviously.)

Child's drawing of a man in a digger
At 5 I drew this bird:

Child's drawing of a bird
At 6 ½ I drew these ballerinas with amazing bendy legs:

Child's drawing of some ballerinas
I love children’s art. It’s so sweet and innocent and full of character.

I’m still drawn to the same sort of illustration today. Maybe that’s partly why I love children’s picture books so much?

7 thoughts on “What I drew when I was a child”

  1. I’d be contacting a lawyer if I were you – I think Angry Birds plagiarized your early work….
    I’ve never played, but had my son look to see if I was right in my concern…
    My mom kept my stuff too – it confirms what we all know – I’m not an artist – at all….LOL


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