Little doodle: my first hedgehog


Fellow 30 Day Challenger Richard Pettit has started a Wish of the month blog. Last month he cycled to work and back (this was no ordinary commute; it was a round trip of over 50 miles.) This month he’s bravely learning to street dance.

Pondering what my wish would be, especially in light of my last post about “watching what others are doing instead of creating our own art”, I decided to draw…  a hedgehog.

Yes. This is my secret wish. (Not so much the hedgehog bit, but the drawing bit definitely.)

One day, waaaaay in the future, I’d love to illustrate my own children’s book. The slight technical hitch to this plan is that I don’t actually ever draw anything.


So I held my breath and quickly drew a hedgehog.

This is no ordinary hedgehog, mind you. This is Horris, the cute real-life hedgehog who lives in my garden. He drinks from the bowl of water I leave out for the birds and thinks it’s fun to pretend to be a rat rustling in the bushes when I invite a friend round for a BBQ.

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