30 Day Challenge

My first Spark Story interview!

Ladies and gentlemen, an historic moment has occurred – I have conducted my first ever Spark interview.

Last week I read an article in my local paper about woman who gave up her career as director of an IT consultancy to become a professional double bass player.

I instantly wanted to interview her for my Spark Stories project.

I found her website on Google, sent her an email, and wonder of wonders she replied saying she would be happy to chat to me!

Fast forward a few emails/days later and I am sitting in her lounge, eating a very nice Victoria sponge, and chatting about her fascinating journey from high-flying executive to jazz musician.

(I videoed the interview so you can see for yourself how inspiring she is…though of course, she doesn’t think so.)

After chatting for an hour or so, she played her double bass.

Have you ever seen a double bass up close before? Let me tell you, it is a thing of beauty. There is something about the dark wood and the curves and the sonorous tones it produces.

As she played I hopped about her taking photos (though I quite fancied curling up on the sofa with a Whisky Mac and letting the music waft over me for a few hours).

We arranged for me to take more photos at a gig she’s doing next Wednesday.

And then I drove home, literally buzzing with happiness.

Tomorrow I am having a preliminary chat over the phone with the Angel Investor I told you about in my last post

(This is fun. I could get used to this!)


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