Plot-eating monsters and other dangers

I am 15,000 words into my children’s book and I have a problem. My plot is missing HUGE chunks. Some plot-eating monster has come along and gobbled huge mouthfuls of my story and left me with odd bits and pieces that don’t quite fit together. (Thanks monster.) Where are these missing pieces? How am I… Continue reading Plot-eating monsters and other dangers


You don’t have to grow up (not entirely)

Here is a conversation I have with myself quite regularly: ME 1: You are too immature. Writing children’s books and collecting children’s illustrations and cards and prints. Really! It’s time you grew up. ME 2: But David Walliams hasn’t grown up. And he’s written several bestselling children’s books. ME 1: It’s OK for David Walliams.… Continue reading You don’t have to grow up (not entirely)

My favourite books

My name is Felix. This is my story…

I read Once in one sitting yesterday afternoon. It is, quite simply, an amazing book. It’s the story of the holocaust through the eyes of a boy called Felix. Which sounds depressing but Felix has his own quirky way of looking at things. It made me smile. It made me cry. It made me marvel… Continue reading My name is Felix. This is my story…