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My name is Felix. This is my story…

I read Once in one sitting yesterday afternoon.

It is, quite simply, an amazing book.

It’s the story of the holocaust through the eyes of a boy called Felix. Which sounds depressing but Felix has his own quirky way of looking at things.

It made me smile. It made me cry. It made me marvel at how Felix’s endearing character shot straight from the page and into my heart.

If I can write something half as good as this book, I’ll be a very happy bunny!

I especially liked the author’s bio:

‘Morris Gleitzman grew up in England and went to live in Australia when he was sixteen. He worked as a frozen-chicken thawer, sugar-mill rolling-stock unhooker, fashion-industry trainee, department-store Santa, TV producer, newspaper columnist and screenwriter. Then he had a wonderful experience. He wrote a novel for young people. Now he’s one of the bestselling children’s authors in Australia. He lives in Melbourne, but visits Britain regularly. His many books include Two Weeks with the Queen, Water Wings, Bumface, Boy Overboard  and Toad Rage.’

This is my version:

‘Katherine B grew up in England and stayed there for the next 43 years. She worked as an ice cream van driver, gardener, trainee store manager, software trainer, pasty seller, copywriter and personal trainer. Then she had a wonderful experience. She wrote a picture book and started a blog. Now she’s one of the bestselling authors in the UK. She lives in Surrey but visits the rest of the world regularly. Several of her children’s books have been made into award-winning animations and her photography and art is sold worldwide (Will Smith, Bear Grylls and David Walliams are all rumoured to be big fans).’

What would your version be?

6 thoughts on “My name is Felix. This is my story…”

  1. Well, my vision is to start everyday with YESSES,

    Yes, I will send all the job applications today.
    Yes, I will excise for 1 hour today.
    Yes, I will finish this and that.

    Instead of saying Maybe

    Maybe I will send one more job application tomorrow.
    Maybe I will go running tomorrow.

    Maybe kills all the possiblities. Yesses invite all the difficulties, but probably it’s on the right track.

    P.S the last part you wrote is part of your sense of humor. It feels human and different:) And thanks for the recommendation. Would love to read the book:)


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