30 Day Challenge

I’ve signed up for a ‘do what you love’ 30 Day Challenge!

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Copyright gapingvoid.com

I have some exciting news: today I signed up for a 30 Day Challenge!

The idea behind this is that you can’t think your way to a career you love.

I have fallen into this trap for years. (Read stuff…do internet research…think lots…feel confused,…read…research…think…feel demoralised,…read more…research more…think more…feel depressed,…hmmm…what’s the obvious solution to this? Ah yes, better do some more thinking…)

What John Williams, founder of the 30 Day Challenge, says is you can’t think it out, you have to PLAY it out. In other words, start something and then tweak it as you go along until you are doing something you truly love.

For this we need to be willing to do stuff and see what happens.

For the record, I am not good at this. I would prefer a 5 Step Bullet Proof Plan authored by Richard Branson, complete with a personal guarantee that if you don’t love what you do and make millions, he will personally reimburse you, and then some.

Instead, I have to pick a ‘Play Project’ which I will commit to for the next 30 days (gulp).

And then I need to release the ‘beta version’ (version 1.0). i.e. forget about fancy schmancy logos, websites and business plans. Just start in the smallest way. And then adapt/tweak/refine/polish and release the next version (version 2.0), and so on…

Bearing in mind my last post, I will be releasing Blast Off Version 1.0 this weekend.

I am very excited! (And more than a little bit scared.)

Next step: decide which Play Project to do…

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