Beautiful book sculptures

If you love books, fairy tales and magic (and if you don’t, what’s wrong with you?!), then you’ll love this. Su Blackwell creates exquisite book-sculptures, like the one above and below. Her cut-out paper designs depict magical fairy-tale forests and houses. I’ve followed her work for a while now and it is truly stunning. Here… Continue reading Beautiful book sculptures

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March ‘One Book a Month’: The smallest bookshop in the UK

The great thing about supporting local bookshops is that you discover hidden gems right on your doorstep. Yesterday I visited the smallest village bookstore in the UK as part of my ‘One Book a Month' campaign. Hayling Island Bookshop is just a few minutes’ drive along the coast from me but I’d never come across it… Continue reading March ‘One Book a Month’: The smallest bookshop in the UK

Random thoughts & things

‘One Book a Month’ campaign has lift off!

Today I kicked off my ‘One Book a Month’ campaign. MY MISSION: To support booksellers by buying one book a month from a local bookshop. THE RULES: The book must come from a real life book shop. Amazon and charity shops (my usual haunts) are strictly out of bounds. Today the bookshop in question was… Continue reading ‘One Book a Month’ campaign has lift off!

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Book reading rules and magic

I have just finished reading Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks. I have one word to say: WOW! To begin with, I wasn’t sure. Something about the story didn’t grip me. A friend assured me the book was a “masterpiece” and was “one of the finest books of the twenty first century.” I shook my head. What… Continue reading Book reading rules and magic

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The bestselling books of all time

It is now 6 weeks since I sent my children’s book manuscripts to a publisher and I am thinking that their rather lackadaisical response is not a good sign (I had to look that word up - anyone else want to spell it like this: ‘lacksidaisical’?). In the meantime, here is a list of the top bestselling… Continue reading The bestselling books of all time