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Gobbling up books

You know how, when you love the taste of a food, you gobble it up and somehow forget to fully enjoy it? Have you ever had that experience with a book? Right now I am forcing myself to slow down and savour reading The Wolf Wilder by Katherine Rundell. Snow. Russia. Wolves. Adventure. A girl called… Continue reading Gobbling up books

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Feeding my book addiction

I have a serious book habit. I get through several books a week. But there’s a problem: I’m a writer. I don’t earn much money. So what do I do? Answer: I go to charity shops, or I turn to the dark side and order my books from the used books section on Amazon. But… Continue reading Feeding my book addiction

My favourite books, WRITING MY FIRST HEALTH BOOK (Oh Sugar!)

My top five favourite books (Spirit fm radio interview)

Oooh, here’s a little more publicity organised by the lovely Summersdale Publishers in Chichester: A ‘My favourite books’ interview with local radio station Spirit FM. ‘My favourite books’ is, of course, a topic close to my heart. I could warble on for hours about this given half the chance. But in this interview I was uncharacteristically succinct for… Continue reading My top five favourite books (Spirit fm radio interview)

My favourite books

Book reading rules and magic

I have just finished reading Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks. I have one word to say: WOW! To begin with, I wasn’t sure. Something about the story didn’t grip me. A friend assured me the book was a “masterpiece” and was “one of the finest books of the twenty first century.” I shook my head. What… Continue reading Book reading rules and magic