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Feeding my book addiction

Photo of my bookshelf
This is my bookshelf at home

I have a serious book habit. I get through several books a week. But there’s a problem: I’m a writer. I don’t earn much money.

So what do I do?

Answer: I go to charity shops, or I turn to the dark side and order my books from the used books section on Amazon.

But the guilt is getting to me.

I am the world’s worst hypocrite: I would be the first to complain if there were no bookshops left on the streets. It would be like the world being devoid of clouds or trees or birds.

It just cannot happen.

It would be too devastating.

So, from this point onward, I am going to make amends by buying one book a month from a real-life bookshop.

I know it’s not much but it’s a start. And as I earn more (note the optimism), I’ll buy more books – from bookshops I want to support, like my local Bookends in Emsworth, Waterstones in Chichester (where I spend many a drizzly lunch hour), and the amazing One Tree Books in Petersfield.

Anyone fancy joining me on my mission?


13 thoughts on “Feeding my book addiction”

  1. Great idea Katherine. I too initially thought ‘mm,not sure if I can afford it,’ but like you, would hate to see the demise of bookshops on the high street, so will give it a go, but will probably do it bi-monthly. I look forward to hearing which books you choose! x


  2. I tried something like this a couple of times at Blackwells in Portsmouth – but failed! Pathetic! :) I will be stronger this time, I promise. Count me in! Great Post, Katherine!


  3. Don’t forget to use the local library! OK you can’t keep the books forever but the libraries need people to use them or they will close – and libraries are great in so many different ways.


  4. Yes, that’s a decent challenge to accept. The last books I bought were on Amazon (including your one) but I could just as well walk into Sussex Stationers on Uckfield High Street and see what’s in there.


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