Doing the impossible

Up until a year ago, getting the ideas in my head onto paper was impossible.

Then writing a picture book was impossible.

Then sending my manuscripts to an agent was impossible.

Then being rejected by an agent was impossible (I had to get over that one quick).

Now being a published author is impossible.

But who knows where I’ll be in a few months or years’ time if I keep going? Because I thought all of the above were impossible…until I actually did them.

Just like Geoff Thompson (make sure you watch his Purpose Driven Universe video).

Geoff swept floors in a factory and worked as a bouncer in a nightclub. But secretly he yearned to write.

For years he thought that was impossible.

Until he sat in the toilets each day at work and wrote a script in longhand on spiral-bound notebooks.

That script became a book. Which became a film. Which starred Hollywood actor Ray Winstone.

Now Geoff is a successful ‘Sunday Times Bestseller list’ author and BAFTA winning screenwriter. He has written forty books, five multi-award-winning films, and three stage plays.

His story makes you realise, nothing’s impossible.

6 thoughts on “Doing the impossible”

    1. How on earth do you keep going, it seems for you such a slog both spiritually and financially, is it worth it, how do you do it?

      An insightful, very, very well written blog – boy can you write brilliantly AND quote authors who have made it per the dozen. Are you working whilst writing or like JK supported by the state? I’m writing children’s books too whilst holding down a job as a PA, I could not do it full time, financial security is all, I don’t want to rely on my hubby. Please can we see a sample of your work if you have any. Jen


      1. Hey Jen, thank you so much for your comments! I often wonder whether to continue with the blog – it takes time and I have moments of doubt – but comments like this keep me going! Plus, if I’m ever struggling, I write a post and then realise how much better I feel (it siphons off some excess creative angst I think).To answer your questions: I am working at the moment (freelance copywriting and administration with the odd bit of personal training and proofreading thrown in for good measure, i.e. I do lots of things to make ends meet). It’s good to meet people like you who are also writing whilst working (don’t you wish you could win some money and just ‘play’ full time?!)…I’ll be posting work on the blog in the future (scary) plus publishing some children’s book characters I have created, so watch this space! BTW do you have a blog? I tried to click on your profile but nothing came up?? Are you in the UK too?


  1. I read a more poetic version of the following piece of text. If you don’t mind me saying I think you are in the latter of the three categories….. Some people want it, some people wish it, and others just do it!


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