My book is like a plate of spaghetti

I am 6000 words into my book. And I am gobsmacked. I mean, I really am actually writing a book! Not talking about it. Or thinking about it. Or spending hours researching it. I am actually parking my bum in front of the computer for anything from a few minutes to a few hours a… Continue reading My book is like a plate of spaghetti


Writing makes you sit on a hill

I came across this line recently but for the life of me can’t remember where I saw it. “Writing makes you sit on a hill.” In other words, write, put your stuff out there and people will see you. There is nowhere to hide. That’s scary shit. Especially when they see you and then reject… Continue reading Writing makes you sit on a hill


Doing the impossible

Up until a year ago, getting the ideas in my head onto paper was impossible. Then writing a picture book was impossible. Then sending my manuscripts to an agent was impossible. Then being rejected by an agent was impossible (I had to get over that one quick). Now being a published author is impossible. But… Continue reading Doing the impossible


Follow your nature

NEWSFLASH: I have now accumulated three rejections – two from agents and one from a publisher I contacted in April (actually, the publisher hasn’t officially rejected me yet, they just haven’t got round to replying). I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I feel like a proper writer. I am following the path… Continue reading Follow your nature


Obvious to you, amazing to others

(I am in love with this video. I may well have to marry it.) If you are a creative but think most of what you produce is utter drivel. If you sweat and feel nauseous at the thought of showing people your work. If you yearn to be like other creative people (i.e. bona fide geniuses who produce truly amazing… Continue reading Obvious to you, amazing to others